Recipes inspired by premium organic Copra coconut products.

🎃 Copra’s Pumpkin Spice Latte

🎃 Pumpkin Purée 1/3  You’ll need:  500g raw pumpkin  1 tbsp melted butter  How to do it:  Steam 500g of sliced pumpkin for about 20 minutes.  Wait for the pumpkin...

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Single Ingredient Coconut Smoothie 🤩

👉 Ingredients 300g or more of Copra’s Organic Young Coconut Meat 👉 Instructions To a food processor or blender add Copra’s Organic Young Coconut Meat 🥥 Blend it till completely...

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Chef Hong's CoCo Choco Spread

I created this recipe for my own pleasure. I love bread. I believe every bite (toast or not) deserves a great accompaniment - in this case a not too sweet,...

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