Zoom 15.5oz Organic Coconut Nectar
Zoom 15.5oz Organic Coconut Nectar
Zoom 15.5oz Organic Coconut Nectar
Zoom 15.5oz Organic Coconut Nectar
Zoom 15.5oz Organic Coconut Nectar

15.5oz Organic Coconut Nectar

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Copra Coconut Nectar is 100% pure, harvested by hand per ancient + chemical-free techniques, collected drop by drop from the flower of the coconut palm. Comparable in taste and consistency to honey and maple syrup. It is the healthiest sweetener out there containing 65 minerals and 17 out of 19 amino acids!


  • Farmed organically and entirely chemical-free per ancient techniques
  • Low glycemic, with a score of 35
  • No additives, preservatives, or anti-fermentation agents
  • 100% pure, not made from coconut sugar or mixed with other sweeteners
  • Vegan, Organic, Non-GMO, Gluten-free, Allergen-free.
  • Contains 65 minerals.
  • Contains 17 out of 19 amino acids.



    ORIGIN Ratchaburi Province, Thailand
    INGREDIENTS 100% Thai Coconut Nectar
    FLAVOR Earthy, caramelized flavor, comparable to honey or maple syrup in depth of flavor and consistency
    APPEARANCE Amber-colored syrup
    SHELF LIFE 2 years in ambient temperatures
    PACKAGING 18 x 15.5 oz bottles
    STORAGE Optimal storage temp 50-60 F

    Ensure that containers are sealed. Minimize contact with the air. Do not store below 40 degrees Fahrenheit or product will crystalize. Do not store above 80 degrees Fahrenheit.


    Handling Instructions

    Store frozen and defrost as needed (Check out our blog for defrosting instructions). After defrosting, store product in refrigerated conditions and keep bag sealed. Do not store at room temperature…ever!

    Product may arrive partially defrosted — it is perfectly fine to consume, place in freezer upon receipt or store refrigerated and consume within 2 days. 


    As pure as you can possibly get with nothing added or removed. Freshly frozen from our factory in Thailand for that same day as harvest taste.

    Return Policy

    Please be informed that we do not accept returns on perishable items. We carefully pack all items in insulated boxes with dry ice to ensure safe shipment. If you have questions or concerns before purchasing, please email us at info@coprawater.com and we are happy to help.

    Shipping Policy

    Due to heightened demand, please allow up to one week for orders to ship. Please note that we do not ship to locations addressed with P.O. boxes. Once shipped, you should receive your order within 3-4 days depending on delivery location. For all deliveries, please check the tracking number in the shipping confirmation email to ensure someone is at the address to receive the package. Copra must be stored immediately in the refrigerator or freezer as soon as your delivery arrives. We advise you place orders for days you will be available to receive the delivery.

    Cancellation & Refund Policy

    Order cancellation requests must be made by 4pm the following business day after your order was placed. 

    Refund/Replacement Policy: We consider refund or replacement order requests on a case by case basis. Copra does not refund orders that arrive partially defrosted as they are safe to consume. Please carefully read all product information before shipping an order. If you believe that the product you received is compromised or have any other complaints, please email us at info@coprawater.com with as much information as possible e.g. images.


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