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We are committed to creating the highest quality coconut products that nourish consumer, economy and the planet


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Since 2012

We started as a small team of childhood friends sampling our 100% pure, cold chain coconut water in New York supermarkets. Now we're an international wholesale supplier of premium, sustainable ingredients from Thailand, specializing in coconuts.

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Product Feature

Pure coconut water, from tree to bottle.

As pure as you can possibly get with nothing added or removed. Freshly frozen from our factory in Thailand for that "same day as harvest" taste.

It takes 24 hours from harvesting the coconut from the tree to the coconut water being bottled freshly for you.

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Freshly Frozen

The majority of our products are frozen immediately after harvest in order to maintain taste and quality; for every single product that we sell, we strive to maintain the exact taste and texture profile that you would find after harvesting it directly from the palm tree.

Sustainable Sourcing

We pay fair wages and contribute directly back into our communities, employees and farmers. We truly strive to build a sustainable and long term supply chain that benefits the world.

Vertical Integration

We have a state-of-the-art factory built to match premium quality standards, and we believe it renders some of the highest quality coconut products in the world. We employ hundreds of employees and are constantly growing and innovating at our plant. We use the latest processing techniques and strive to be a step ahead of the industry trends to ensure that our partners always have a competitive edge.

Grown in Thailand

Thailand is known for its naturally sweet coconuts that are a result of the amazing farming conditions that lie in western Thailand. At Copra Coconuts we never launch a product that is not of the best quality, in terms of taste, nutrition profile or value add.

We are committed

Our ultimate goal is sustainability

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