This Plant-Based Supper Club Made a 3-Course Meal with Coconut Meat

About our collaboration

Carolyn Guérard Cale is the host and founder of the rave-reviewed plant-based supper club, also known as the Macdonough Supper Club. Despite the dinners being plant-based, they are nothing short of flavor. Carolyn comes from the South and has mastered her own plant-based substitutions to the essentials like butter and stock. All her ingredients are sustainably-sourced and when combined, hit all components to creating the perfectly balanced 3-course meal.

Similar to Carolyn, we stay true to our Thai roots by exclusively sourcing organic young coconuts from smallholder farmers in Ratchaburi. Our coconuts are extracted same day as harvest then freshly frozen within hours to naturally preserve the authentic Thai taste and nutrients. With that, we collaborated to feature our versatile young coconut meat in both savory and sweet dishes within her 3-course interactive coconut supper.


Q+A with Carolyn Guérard Cale

Plant-Based Supper Club

What is your background with coconut meat?

C: I first used coconut meat when I was working at a restaurant that served coconut water straight from the coconut. The rest of the coconut was thrown away, but I started keeping them, hacking them open and scraping the meat out. I'd take it home to experiment with it. I made a lot of chocolate breakfast pudding.

What did you think of it's flavor and texture profile?

C: I was never much of a coconut person before, when my only association was the dried flakes on top of cake, but raw coconut meat turned me on to the coconut flavor for the first time. The texture of the raw meat is also a lot more versatile than the flakes for different types of recipes.

When cooking with Copra coconut meat, did you notice anything you hadn't before about the ingredient?

C: I noticed improvements in my mood and energy when eating coconut meat consistently. A bit of online research confirmed that the healthy fat is really great for clearing through the brain fog I often experience.

Any advice for people who love coconut meat but have yet to experiment with it in plant-based recipes?

C: My advice for anyone wanting to experiment with coconut in their savory food - is try treating it like raw fish! You can marinate it and apply in the same way you would for ceviche or crudo.

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