Realistic Resolutions for 2022: 4 Mindful Habits to Adopt This Year

2022 has arrived with its share of surprises and adventures. Like every new year, it’s time to make resolutions with conviction to see them through. Steering away from impractical and unrealistic goals, we have a list of simple, responsible and achievable resolutions you can draw some inspiration from.



Choose sustainable solutions: 

A simple new year resolution can be your step towards saving the planet – and collectively we could all make a bigger impact. Start your year by picking an environmental issue that concerns you the most and work towards combating it in a small way. You can donate to an environmental cause or make more eco-friendly choices in your daily life, such as reducing your consumption of water and electricity or increasing your use of sustainable products.


Make instead of buying:

The DIY concept is a thoughtful, creative and sustainable option for everything from clothes and décor to even food. This year, consider getting your hands dirty as you make something instead of purchasing it online or from a store. Not only is this good for the environment, but it’s also a great way to get active, learn a new skill and save money. Next time you’re looking for a birthday present for a loved one, think about baking them a cake or making their favorite dish.


Subscribe to Copra products:

Our new pandemic-struck reality has taught us that nothing is above our wellbeing – and what better way to keep healthy than to enjoy all the benefits of the humble and versatile coconut. Get a regular supply of organic coconut-based products that suits your needs. You can replace sugary beverages with fresh tender coconut water, opt for Copra’s hand-harvested coconut nectar to naturally sweeten your food, or spruce up your meals with some husk-free coconut meat.


Cook and consume coconut-based foods:


From flavorful curries to delicious desserts, good food is a terrific conversation starter and mood enhancer. Make 2022 your year to get experimental in the kitchen by trying out some of Copra’s cracking recipes that use the goodness of our coconut products. From well-balanced Buddha bowls to low-calorie vegan ice creams, you can enjoy some wholesome meals throughout the year.


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