why are young Thai "nam hom" coconuts are the best?

“Nam Hom” translates into fragrant water. As indicated by their name, “Nam Hom” coconuts have a delicate aroma and are most renowned for their sweet, refreshing coconut water. On an agricultural level, Thailand has mineral-rich soil, abundant water and year-round sun to guarantee natural sweetness. Ratchaburi Province, Thailand is the home to Copra’s factory and source to all its coconuts.

why are copra's products shipped frozen?

Copra’s coconuts are picked at peak freshness and extracted same day as harvest. We minimally process and then immediately freeze our products to retain maximum taste, nutrition and quality.

how do I thaw copra's products?

Best practice is to let them sit in refrigerated conditions for 24-48 hours. In a rush? Check out our blog for more tips.

how is copra sustainable?

We work with farmers who practice organic, biodiverse agriculture. We are currently working on a way to repurpose all of our coconut husks and are constantly looking for ways to become more sustainable! Learn more about us.

Are copra's coconuts non-gmo?

Yes, although not officially certified. Copra’s coconuts are naturally non-GMO as they are perfectly adapted to their environments and have never been genetically modified. Our young coconuts are also certified organic which encompasses non-GMO. More here.


if allergic to tree nuts, can i consume coconut?

Though coconuts are technically a category of fruit known as drupe, the FDA does classify them as a tree nut. It depends on your specific allergy, typically people who are allergic to tree nuts are not allergic to coconuts. Regardless of a tree nut allergy, you are safe with our coconut nectar which is tapped from the flower of the coconut palm! 

is sugar added to copra's coconut water?

Never!!! We single source “Nam Hom” coconuts, actually the sweetest coconut variety in Thailand and the world! Copra’s products are 100% pure with no added sweeteners.  

Can I consume copra if i am lactose intolerant?
Our products are 100% dairy-free.



Yes, you can opt in to subscribe with a customizable plan for 10% off. Email h.adams@coprawater.com for help setting this up.

what is the insulation material that the online order is packed in? is it recyclable?

This liner is made with 100% pre-consumer recycled cotton. The cotton is sourced from U.S. textile/clothing mills, and it’s typically taken from the trimmings or pieces that don’t make it into clothing. Since it would’ve ended up in a landfill, we call it pre-consumer recycled material. It is made from 85% rapidly renewable plant fiber.

Where does it go?

Recycle reclaimed cotton (where #60 cotton is accepted). If your local recycling center is not able to process #60 cotton, dispose in your regular waste—it will biodegrade.

can i buy in store?

Copra is available direct-to-consumer at Shop.Copra.Co which allows us to provide the best experience possible to our customers. 

Why is Copra more expensive on Amazon?

Shipping is included in the price if you order Copra on Amazon.

can i try copra before i buy?

Follow us on instagram and subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know about events, giveaways and other ways you can try us! 

does copra sell coconut milk and nectar to retail?

Currently, our Coconut Milk and Coconut Nectar are only sold for wholesale and private label.

Why is the coconut water pink?

 This is a totally natural process that occurs because of the polyphenols and antioxidants naturally present in “Nam Hom” coconut water. Because Copra’s Coconut Water is 100% pure, not from concentrate, and as close to cracking the coconut as you can get, the composition of antioxidants will differ by coconut. So the shade of pink, sweetness and aroma may differ by bottle. Taste the differences!

How many coconuts are in each pack of coconut meat or bottle of coconut water?

Check out our blog for portion information!

is the 16oz or 1L of coconut water safe to drink when pregnant?

Yes! The coconut water has been processed and safe for pregnant women.


 We would love to use glass but the weight makes it uneconomical, and very fuel inefficient, to ship from Thailand. Please help us recycle! All of our packaging is 100% BPA free.

Can you re-freeze your Copra products?

Unlike the coconut water that be re-frozen multiple times, the coconut meat and dragon fruit should not be re-frozen more than once. 

is it okay if my copra is partially defrosted upon arrival?

Since Copra products have a refrigerated shelf life, they are perfectly fine to consume if partially defrosted upon arrival. Either consume or store in freezer right away. 

Handling Instructions

Store frozen and defrost as needed (Check out our blog for defrosting instructions). After defrosting, store product in refrigerated conditions and keep bag sealed. Do not store at room temperature…ever!

Product may arrive partially defrosted — it is perfectly fine to consume, place in freezer upon receipt or store refrigerated and consume within 2 days. 

return policy

Please be informed that we do not accept returns on perishable items. We carefully pack all items in insulated boxes with dry ice to ensure safe shipment. If you have concerns about hot weather or perishability, please choose overnight or 2 day shipping options. If you have questions or concerns before purchasing, please email us at info@coprawater.com and we are happy to help.

Shipping policy

Orders ship on Mondays and Tuesdays. Handling time is not included in the selected shipping time. Please allow up to 6 days for handling time. When your order ships, you will receive a confirmation email with tracking number. We adhere to Fedex’s shipping schedule (holidays included). 

Cancellation Policy

Orders cannot be canceled once shipped. Order cancellation requests must be made within the 6 day handling time between when the order is placed and shipped.