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From New York To Bangkok

Building a Greener Future with Sustainable Coconut Products

We started as a small team of childhood friends sampling our 100% pure, cold chain coconut water in New York supermarkets. Now we're an international wholesale supplier of premium, sustainable ingredients from Thailand, specializing in coconuts.

Copra Coconuts freshly frozen coconut meat and coconut water defrosted and presented on table for consumption

Healthy and Delicious for a Better Future

Promoting Health

Growth does not mean sacrificing health and wellness. We manufacture and sell food that nourishes consumers through healthy and delicious products.

 Coconut tree with Nam Hom coconuts before picking for use by Copra Cocouts

Communication and Transparency

A Green Future

We believe that coconuts as well as other regenerative agricultural products provide unique solutions to a greener and more sustainable future. We have a long term commitment towards helping the environment and diligently invest in R&D to assure that our products and supply chains can help towards building a greener future as we continue to expand and evolve as a company.

Copra Coconuts team harvesting young Nam Hom coconuts in Thailand

Communication and Transparency

Customer Service

We are all about communication and transparency. We work with all of our customers, large or small. Our customers are our true partners and we work with them to build lasting businesses and relationships.

Copra Coconuts team gathered after harvesting Nam Hom coconuts in Thailand

Honoring our Thai heritage


Our entire founding team either is Thai or has grown up in Thailand. As Thais - we believe in staying true to the incredible taste, nutrition and diversity of Thai tropical fruits. This means our products are minimally processed, 100% pure and unadulterated. As we continue to grow as a company, we strive to honor the authentic taste to any project that we commit to.

  • Nam Hom Coconuts

    We exclusively source “Nam Hom” coconuts, a unique variety of young green coconut that can only be found in Western Thailand, world-famous for their fragrance and subtle, nutty sweetness.

  • Farmland

    Our farms are located in the lush plantations of western Thailand. It is in this biodiverse regions, that the soil in the farms we source from is key in growing our young Thai coconuts.

  • Harvesting

    We harvest our coconuts every 23-28 days for optimal flavor and nutritional value in the heart of Ratchaburi Province. We work with farmers who take pride in growing the highest quality, organic coconuts.

  • US Offices

    Our sales and marketing teams are located in the US. We have immediate customer service, quality control, and operations teams located in the US to provide the best and quickest customer service possible, given that the majority of our partners are also located in the US.

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  • Thailand Offices

    Our Thai operation is based around a BRC Grade A plant near Bangkok, where we harvest and process most of our products. We also have an office in the city, and we are proud of our plant and commitment to quality control.

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