The Perfect Coconut Smoothie Bowl

Copra’s mission is pretty straightforward. We only source the highest quality, most authentic coconut ingredients directly from smallholder farmers practicing organic agriculture in Thailand (read more about why young coconuts from Thailand are the best in the world).

We partner with companies who are equally committed to serving delicious nutrition through simple, unadulterated whole ingredients.

Sweetberry Bowls, a company offering healthy alternatives to fast food, inspiring people to make health and wellness a priority. Every bowl is handcrafted in the store and made to personal preference. Coconut bases were a recurring request and thus, the decision was made to add specialty coconut bowls to the menu. Sweetberry chose Copra’s coconut meat to build a smoothie base with a creamy consistency and a distinct coconut taste.

recipe for Smoothie Bowl (pictured above):

Coconut Smoothie Base:

Copra’s choice of toppings:

  • Granola
  • Mango
  • Strawberry
  • Banana
  • Coconut Nectar

From founder of Sweetberry bowls, Desi Saran “The coconut smoothie base is for the coconut lover! When someone walks in and tells us they love coconut, we suggest our variety of coconut bowls and they are always really pleased with the product.”

Want a chance to try Copra and Sweetberry Bowls? Copra and Sweetberry Bowls teamed up for a giveaway to give one winner $50 store credit to Copra's online store + $50 to Sweetberry Bowls! Details below:

When: 3/29

Where: Facebook

How to enter:

  1. follow Copra+ Sweetberry Bowls
  2. like photo
  3. tag 2 friends in comments

1 winner will be selected Saturday, 3/30, at 1pm EST.

Feel free to contact us for more info.

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