Indulge Intelligently: Whip Up Healthy Coconut Desserts

The instantly gratifying but mostly tabooed course of every meal, desserts, has had many of us on the fence when it comes to counting calories. But when approached correctly, desserts can not only be instant mood uplifters but also help us have a well-balanced diet.

We’ve whipped up a list of some delicious dessert recipes that ditch glucose-driven dishes for some coconut-infused bites to round off your meals on a sweeter note. These recipes creatively pair flavors and healthy ingredients so that you have your cake and eat it too!


Lime-in-the-coconut Almond Bark

This recipe is the solution for a midnight sugar craving without flouting on your diet. It brings together the long list of benefits that come with munching on almonds – from the magnesium content that’s good for lowering blood pressure to being a powerhouse of fiber, proteins and vitamin E. It uses coconut meat, known to be good for your health and digestion, along with the vitamin C-rich lime zest.

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Nanaimo Bars

Indulge in a dessert that celebrates a host of flavors and textures. Start this three-layered dessert with a crunchy base made from fiber-fuelled nuts, crackers and coconut nectar. Make your way to a soft custard center made creamier with coconut milk, and the top tier with chocolate, a good source of antioxidants. This dessert is great to nibble on in between breaks to restore your energy levels.


Giant Meringue

A guilty pleasure made healthily, this crispy meringue balances its sweetness with the tart taste of strawberries that come with high levels of minerals and vitamins. This easy-to-make dessert uses fresh lemon juice and coconut meat, both of which have antioxidant properties. You can pack a punch in this dish with a few spoons of mezcal to give it a fruity and earthy undertone.

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Vegan Fudgesicles 

These vegan delights club a surprising combination of ingredients to satisfy your sweet tooth. It uses avocados and bananas, which are good sources of potassium, folate and fiber. The dessert’s nutritional value is enhanced with the use of yogurt – a probiotic and low-fat ingredient that’s blended with the flavonoid-rich cocoa powder. This recipe uses the natural sweetness of coconut nectar to make it a truly healthy and delicious dessert.


Cherry, Chocolate and Coconut Slice

The terrific trio of cherries, chocolate and coconut, are bound to give you a smacking dessert. Cherries come with bags of vitamin A, C and K, and properties that help in reducing hypertension, inflammation and ageing. The recipe uses coconut oil and chocolate that can regulate blood flow and reduce stress. With an enticing color and refreshing taste, this dessert exemplifies the idea of saving the best for the last.

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