To Qualify, Follow The Following Program Steps

Rebate Program Steps

Add "Made with Copra Coconuts" and/or Copra Coconuts logo on your packaging, product, or menu.

To qualify for the program, businesses must use the words "Made with Copra Coconuts" or the Copra Coconuts logo on their product, menu, or product packaging. This should be prominently displayed and easily visible to customers.

Upload image proof of your marketing material mentioning Copra products.

To qualify for the program, businesses must provide proof mentioning Copra Coconuts on items to be approved by Copra Marketing team. Upload image proof using this form.

At the end of each quarter, submit your purchase receipts

Please attach scanned sales receipts here showing gross dollars purchased of Copra items, from your distributor or directly from us for the previous 90 calendar days.

Copra will mail you a check for 10% of your growth as a reward

Once approved, Copra will mail a check equal to 10% of growth as a rewarded.

Repeat each quarter

Repeat every 90 days, and receive a check for 10% of your gross sales increase in purchases.

Contact Us With Questions

We will always be available to chat, if you have any questions at all.

We look forward to growing with you!

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