Coconut Water – A Good Solution for a Bad Hangover

The alter-ego of a night well spent, a hangover, is your body’s way of telling you that the excess of alcohol has interfered with its natural chemical balance. While everyone has their own quick fixes for a hangover – from a carb-loaded meal to the hair of the dog – not all of them are healthy options to overcome the after-effects of the countless cocktails you allowed yourself to down.

One tried and tested remedy, and a rather simple one at that, is sipping on fresh young coconut water. But before we delve into that, let’s understand hangovers a little better.

What happens in a hangover?

The most common after-effects of having one too many include nausea, vomiting, headaches, dry mouth, aversion to loud sounds, fatigue, weakness, mood swings and rapid heartbeats. In addition to these, are several complex physiological and psychological changes at play as your body tries to cope with the alcohol content. The key one being dehydration.

Alcohol is a diuretic – which means that it makes you use the restroom more than your usual tendency. It flushes out a lot of water along with essential electrolytes, leaving behind toxic by-products. This results in metabolic changes that make you feel queasy and sick.

Here’s where the faithful natural drink steps up to reverse the effects of a bad hangover. 

Why drink coconut water when you have a hangover?

Young coconut water works as an elixir to cure a hangover and energise you. It not only repletes the minerals lost due to alcohol consumption but also boosts your overall health.

Packed with nutrients

Coconut water is rich in potassium, electrolytes, fibre and natural sugars, all of which are needed to replenish the dipped levels induced by alcohol. Moreover, its magnesium and manganese content help in improving your immune function.

Rehydrating and Refreshing

With 94% of water, it is an ideal drink to rehydrate your body. The natural sweetness from coconut water can be very refreshing, especially when you’re trying to get rid of the dryness in your mouth.

Antioxidants to keep you fit

Excessive alcohol increases the production of free radicals in your body, thereby putting you in a state of something known as oxidative stress. Young Coconut water contains a good amount of vitamin C, a brilliant antioxidant, which neutralises these free radicals.

A good hack to keep a hangover at bay is to start your evening with a glass of young coconut water before moving to alcoholic drinks. If not, you can always help yourself with it in the morning. So, the next time you’re planning to play Beer Pong or Never Have I ever with your favourite spirits, stock up on some pure coconut water. That way, even if you push your sober limits, you know you’ll be covered.

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